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Liberty Merchant will advance you cash now. After you get the cash, Liberty Merchant collects a small, fixed percentage of each credit card sale processed at your location, until the advance is fully repaid. No Checks to write, no bills to pay! It’s all done conveniently and automatically. It works by simply converting your future Credit card Receivables to cash.
Have you accepted Credit Card payments for at least 6 months?
Is your monthly Credit Card volume at least $3,000?
Are all prior bankruptcies resolved?
Do you have at least one year remaining on your current retail lease?
If your answer is yes, then you qualify…
Complete the 5 Minute Application
Fax us your last four months of Credit card statements
Application is Free
Expand your business or add additional locations
Increase your product line, Purchase more inventory, meet unexpected expenses
Purchase New Equipment
Advertise and promote your business
Buy out a partner
Perform renovations
Meet unexpected expenses
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